Sunday, September 11, 2011


Teman-teman ikutan yuk!  Satukan suara buat TIMNAS INDONESIA ☺☺
Bukan hanya TIMNAS tapi juga untuk diri kita, teman, dan saudara. Caranya gampang foto diri kamu dengan memegang tulisan #NEVERGIVEUP dan ganti Profile picture Facebook kamu atau avatar Twitter kalian. Kalau bukan kita yang memulai siapa lagi?? 


Thursday, September 1, 2011

'LIKE' Me on Facebook

I've been using Facebook for a few years, but I recently just make an official FACEBOOK PAGE! simply because there are too many friend request on my private account already (and I want to keep my account private for relatives and family only) so I decided to make an official page to keep in touch with others. Though sometimes I still accept or approve a few people to be in my private account. Click here to 'LIKE' me on Facebook and make sure you leave a comment saying 'Hi!' ☺☺ I might add you to be my friend in my private account.  

Thank you so much for giving me the love back and supports ♥