Saturday, November 6, 2010


it was my 1st Halloween celebration here in Singapore! it was fun [so much fun] 
I went to Singapore Night Safari~ Ghosts are everywhere. Even though they are all fake ghosts but still all of them are frightening me!! I had lots of fun with all my new friends..

too bad I'm not dressing up this year..
mudah2an tahun depan lebih total lagi! HAHAHA .x

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


hello dearest friends.. 

as you all know I've been living in Singapore for about 1 month..
so far senang semakin banyak temen baru! semakin nyaman ^^

but still I MISS HOME more each day~ There's no place like home!!

there's a few times I feel like I'm home already. It was at time my friends coming to Singapore and meet me!! THE BEST TIME EVER~  
seriously I love seeing them face to face even though its only for a few hours..

Thanks for coming dear best friends! I'll see you guys again soon ☺☺

I can't live without MUSIC!

MUSIC is a part of me! and I'm glad to have a super talented best friend here in Singapore named Mega Patiung ~ she's awesome.. she can cook (she's definitely gonna be one of the best chef in the future) and yes she's a great musician too!! I love to play with her..

here's a video of us (Me & Mega), we were playing one of my favorite song "Bila Tiba Satu Waktu" no the song is not mine! its BIBUS's :):) check out the original version HERE xx.

and this is our version.. 

~ hope you guys like it ^^

Monday, October 11, 2010

Getting silly with Faya

last weekend one of my best friend came to Singapore to have a short holiday + to visit me! her name is FATHYA~ we spend time together at some romantic spots here in Singapore.. 
hahaha we are so single!! single ladies............

selalu jenaka memang setiap ada Fathya pasti ada keributan!! karena Fathya menginap di tempat saya so then at night we decided to making fun of our self by making a video (no it's not a VLog or something) it's seriously nothing. We made it just for fun (HAHA) no purpose at all..

We've made a few videos before, we just don't have guts to share it to people!! 
but since our close friends are saying that our video is so funny~ I decided to share one of our video here.. this is the latest video of us!! hope you guys like it.. 

I'm proudly present...................... ♥ NARTO PARTO SHOW ♥ 

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I'm a SKYPEr

One of the things I missed the most beside my family is my babies ♥ 
Skyping is the best way to reach them! I miss my best friends so much..
and I have to see their faces in REAL TIME..

Thanks to Skype founder..
you've made overseas communication much easier!!


iHeart SG ♥

TIME GOES BY so fast.....!!!!!!!!
I can't believe~ I've been living in Singapore for about two weeks ^^
let me share a bit of my first 4 days living overseas... 

I entered Singapore on Wednesday (Sept 15), mixed feelings was so exist on that day! I'm excited but sad also to know that I'm going to live alone, all by my self! yeah I'm miles away from my parents, my lil' brother, and all my loved ones. Thank God I can handle my tears at time mommy daddy and my lil' brother waving a goodbye to me. The 1st, the 2nd, the 3rd, and the 4th day feels so not good! I cried a lot because I was homesick......... seriously.......

September 20~ first day of college.. 
HAPPY!! meeting and greeting all my new friends! ada yang dari China, Vietnam, and mostly INDONESIA (hahaha) my class is full of Indonesian (50%) can you imagine that??.......

day by day.. each day gets better! 
I can mingle with all my new friends and also with my 3 flatmates..

My NEW LIFE is GREAT~  thank you God for a wonderful new experience..

- - - - - > here's a glimpse of the new life of mine ☺☺ < - - - - - 

having photo booth fun

AMAZING day with the dolls
a FUN-filled day with my classmates at Siloso beach
at the F1 event with Nadia 

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

a new beginning..

its not easy to start SOMETHING NEW!! but we have to face it~ no matter what.
as long as we believe that we can do it and got that unstoppable support from our loved ones..

so ......... here I am ............ starting a new life in SINGAPORE.......

studies. households. socializing. blablablabla. WISH ME LUCK ^___^

Friday, September 10, 2010

so.. I'll go ☹☹

Dear friends and best friends,

It is with mixed emotions that I wrote this post. As some of you know, I have accepted at ERC Institute Singapore and school will start soon! I am both excited and sad. I just wanted to remind you of how pleasant it was to be with you and share all the fun times together. I could never have spent enough time with you~ 
I will greatly miss you. Please do keep in touch ☺☺

Best wishes to you, God Bless You!! 

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

10 days left.

a new life will begin, SOON! x.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Olá!~ NC is back..

HELLO EVERYONE!! long time no see..... do you miss me?!

it's been a very long time since the last time I talked -.-
Ok so ah I've been busy learning Mandarin + mengurus semua keperluan kuliah (yang belum selesai sepenuhnya), and last but definetly not least RECORDING.

Alhamdullilah so far urusan kuliah sudah selesai..... yeaaayyyyyhhh.......
I got accepted in ERC Institute Singapore dan mulai kuliah tahun ini tepatnya Sept 20 (time goes by so extremely fast!) sudah siapkah saya??!! jawabannya 80% siap!! yang belum siap cuma mau tinggal dimana!! HAHAHAHAHA~ jujur saya sangatlah kesusahan dalam menentukan pilihan MAU TINGGAL DIMANA.. so I currently seeking for the best apartment! yang pasti tempat yang saya mau adalah yang AMAN dan NYAMAN dengan HARGA yang TERJANGKAU ^^ semoga dapat ditemukan secepatnya..

What's new in my life!?
nothing's new except my bangs HAHAHAHA..
it's finally back after enjoying the "NO BANGS" hair style for more than 2 years =D
well I know the hair style thing not that important for you to know~ but let me share the pic..

   some people said I look YOUNGER with bangs
   and I'm satisfied with that opinion (**,)
   hahahahahaha (let me laugh // I'm overjoyed)...

   well I have nothing more to be shared..
   segitu dulu ya ceritanya ^^
   I'll be back as soon as possible.
   God Bless you my friends..

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Greetings BOYS and GIRLS~!!!!!

My name is Natasha (people usually call me NATH or SASHA). I'm an 18 years old girl who was putting University of Indonesia as the first choice but then I failed the test!! I'm a bit disappointed to my self before but after all I realize that the unsatisfying result is NOT A BIG DEAL because now I know exactly what I want to be in the future and I know exactly what's good for me!!! Thanks for those who support me, those huge supports are priceless. I was one of thousands or perhaps millions of participants in SIMAK UI 2010!! and yes I failed -.-

WHAT NEXT...............?!?!?!?!?!?!
looks like I'll continue my education abroad and I'm planing to take business course for 6 months.. where??!! let's keep it as a secret first. I will tell you where is it when its all confirm!!~ but one thing that has been confirmed is the course will start on January (next year baby, HA!!) so I'm not leaving this country this year *finger crossed* .. This year, while waiting for the course to start and waiting for the time to leave my country I will take some short courses!! one of them is learn how to speak good Chinese / MANDARIN and to understand the language more. 不错,我喜欢 ;)


Sunday, May 9, 2010


it was 2 or 3 years ago (if I'm not mistaken) I was joining a vocal group.. 
looks like a BOY BAND with a girl inside (HA! whatever you name it...!!!)

it's one of the most memorable and irreplaceable experience I ever had. 
The group consist of 4 members ~ 3 handsome boys; JOSHUA, Teza *idol*, Geofanny!! and the one and only girl in the group is ME!! Too bad the group doesn't exist as exist as our friendship (hihihihi).. the group named SAQADAEX...

SAQADAEX dalam bahasa Sunda (SAKADAEK) berarti "Semaunya/Seenaknya" .. 

SAQADAEX dibentuk oleh Denada, Group ini diharapkan dapat meramaikan industri musik di Indonesia. Sangat disayangkan project ini tidak berjalan dengan lancar, banyaknya kendala yang ditemui mengakibatkan group ini dibubarkan. WHY I'M POSTING ABOUT THIS??!! because I suddenly miss the group so much.. 

I still remember at time this group exist atau mungkin saat sedang dibangun/dibentuk, we almost got together everyday!! We had vocal coach, we had dance coach, and yes we had FUN!!! 

this is really UNFORGETTABLE.....

Sunday, May 2, 2010

OH (why am I so..) RANDOM!!~

OH LA LA LA .... this is so RANDOM and yeaahhh this is so me (at time I posted this...) 
let see in the next hours I might change.. hahaha and YUP THAT's so ME!!!!! mood swings..

OK that's all I can share.. (in fact there are still more random pics) ~
sorry for the inconvenience and the RANDOMness...... my bad!! ;P

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


it's been a while since the last time I posted on this blog.. 
and so I'm back to write something in here..
I think this post going to be the most valuable post ever, as you know or you can see I never post something serious or valuable before, I usually only share things that happened in my life or things that I'm working on.. but then this time I will share to you a very inspiring notes that I've got from one of my sist named Ade Fabiola ~
yesterday, she tagged me on of her Facebook notes. I'm not that interest on reading Facebook notes before but this time the notes title catch me and made me curious to know what's inside the notes.. let me share her notes to you all..

"Love is not supposed to be conditional. It shall go past the mind, beyond the heart and into the soul. 
I believe, where there is love, there are always miracles"  - Alexander Abimanyu (RIP) -

This is one of my fav quotes wrote by my belated friend Alex. I quote this on the day he passed away.. that somehow on those days, well, until the moment I wrote this, I’ve been struggle with this phrase… 
“Love is not supposed to be conditional…” 
..Simple line, deep meaning… 

Look back into this friend of mine, Alex Abimanyu, amazing love story. I believe many reasons that lead him to wrote the quote. his love to his beloved wife Dinda Nawangwulan is somehow like too good too be true nowadays. beyond all differences between them and yet inspired many people too…

Why there’s such conditions that really matters when talk about what you feel? 

..somehow I believe that God’s work too upon what we feel inside. indeed love itself is His best gift and creation.. so then, we human determine each of those feelings pure or not. let’s be honest bout our feelings. 
honestly is a virtue, and there’s nothing wrong about that feeling called love… 

So here I am…again, with lots of question marks on my head and butterflies on my belly…determine what I feel towards quite special person right now, beyond all circumstances and conditions may exist….. I think I am honest enough to say that…I might in love with you.. and yea... 
I think you know who you are if you happen to read this note. *blushing*

That short notes has been inspired me!! ^^ and I hope it can inspire you too..
or at least give you some inspiration!! I would like to give a conclusion as the closing of this post (this is actually what I conclude from that notes) ~

show your LOVE to your loved ones before its too late. Let the person feel what you feel of and appreciate what you feel for them. Let the LOVE grow.. 
and feel the most beautiful gift from God, which is LOVE..

Monday, March 15, 2010

happy M A R C H !

hey there =)
how's your MARCH going on??!! 
hope everything are fine and running well...

I'm good (so far...) March going pretty well!! yang pasti banyak kerjaan :$
selain terus mengerjakan materi album (yang gak selesai-selesai) terus direvisi dalam kata lain selalu merasa ada yang kurang. Well, I want something in my new music album.. I'm looking for quality not just quantity.. HA!!! maka dari itu lama banget dikerjainnya... hehehehehehe :D

selain musik tentunya aku sibuk urusan PENDIDIKAN!!! 
EDUCATION thing still become my 1st priority (it will always be)..
Insya Allah aku akan meneruskan pendidikan di Universitas Indonesia (doain tercapai yaa..) ada 2 pilihan -> KOMUNIKASI atau Hubungan Internasional atau mengambil UI International dengan jurusan MANAGEMENT!!!!!! itu artinya klo di UI INternational saya akan 2 tahun belajar di Indonesia dan 2 tahun setelah itu belajar di luar negeri. Apapun hasilnya aku berharap yang terbaik dan yang penting bisa bikin Papa Mama bangga :) :) :)

Ok friends, I think I have to end this post...
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~Be blessed Y’all~!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What's exciting in MARCH?!

Me and my band will perform at "Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival 2010 " (^^,) -

DATE: Saturday, March 6th 2010
LOCATION: JIExpo Kemayoran
STAGE: Talent Lobby Stage 2
TIME: 6.00 pm -6.45 pm

So, what are you waiting for?! :/ 
see you at the festival.....................

Thursday, January 21, 2010


heyyoowhh friends!! waazzuuupppp .......

we're almost done with this month (my lovely january) oh no!! time goes by sangat cepat. saya sangat cinta dengan bulan january (as I told you before) bulan menyenangkan!! di Bulan ini tapi hampir dihabiskan di luar kota dan di luar negeri. semakin menyenangkan yaaa januarii :*

berdasarkan judul postingan kali ini (HONGKONG-CHINA-MACAU) ya ya ya saya baru saja pulang dari jalan-jalan ke beberapa tempat di negara2 tersebut. menyenangkan dan melelahkan!! 3 countries in a week. jadi seperti ini singkat ceritanya ......

day 1: leaving Jakarta to Batam (istirahat satu malam di batam)
day 2: sailing to Singapore from Batam and go straight to Singapore's international airport. boarding to Hongkong (yeayh 3hours flight! lumayan..) landed safely in Hongkong dan udaranya sangat dingiiinnnnnnnnnnnnn............... whooyeaayyyyhh........
day 3: Hongkong tour lalu sorenya langsung ke Shenzen (cina) naik kereta api..
day 4: Shenzen Tour lalu sore langsung ke Zhuhai (cina) perjalanan kurang lebih 3 jam..
day 5: Zhuhai Tour lalu siang hari pindah lagi ke Macau! di Macau makan siang di dalam Casino lalu sorenya tour di Macau. kotanyaa kereeennnnnnnn :p :p
day 6: sailing to Hongkong from Macau! sampai di Hongkong langsung main di DisneyLand..
day 7: back to Singapore!! (belanja sebentar) lalu kembali ke Batam..

yah begitulah kira2 perjalanannya. gak bisa detail soalnya pasti panjang!! hehehe..
aku akan upload beberapa foto selama jalan-jalan kemarin.. selamat menikmati......

-> -> -> more pictures CLICK HERE 

Friday, January 8, 2010



first is all about me -> Me is turning 18 years old :) :)
thanks ya semua untuk ucapan selamat ulang tahunnya, di Facebook  dan di Twitter aku. makasii banyaaakkk!!! maaf gak bisa dibales satu-persatu... once again THANK YOU :) :)

banyak banget yang tanya tahun ini aku pesta di mana!? hehhee jujur aja tahun ini aku gak merayakan ultah besar-besaran. tahun ini aku merayakan bersama Keluarga dan Sahabat-sahabat tercinta. sangat bermakna. mereka orang-orang yang selalu ada saat aku sedih, bahagia, susah, dsb. merayakan ultah bersama mereka membuat aku lebih menyadari betapa besar arti mereka dalam hidupku. I'll ALWAYS LOVE YOU GUYS, no matter what!!

terima kasih untuk tim 'Natasha&Friends' band. kegiatan bernyanyiku semakin berarti dengan terbentuknya tim ini!! terima kasih untuk musik yang indah yang seru yang kadang membingungkan tapi asik (hahaha) let's keep up the good work!! kakak2ku sayang di N&F: Ade Fabiola, Winny Jessica, Guntur Alto, Jose Perkusi, Deddy Sasono, City Novdiansjah. adik2ku di N&F: Rania dan Ade Irawan. Thanks for everything...

terima kasih untuk TIM RUSUH ku tercinta; sahabat-sahabatku dari aku kecil sampai saat ini. my darlings CewekCowok Heboh!!!!!! Alyssa Soebandono, Geofanny Tambunan, Fathya Artha Utami, Gabbie Takako, Gerald Jefta, Karina. saya sangat mencintai kalian semua. you guys are my truly best friends :* hugs and kisses......

THIS IS IT! I'm now officially 18 years old.. 
I'm happy to be able to celebrate my birthday in my very favorite way..