Tuesday, October 26, 2010


hello dearest friends.. 

as you all know I've been living in Singapore for about 1 month..
so far senang semakin banyak temen baru! semakin nyaman ^^

but still I MISS HOME more each day~ There's no place like home!!

there's a few times I feel like I'm home already. It was at time my friends coming to Singapore and meet me!! THE BEST TIME EVER~  
seriously I love seeing them face to face even though its only for a few hours..

Thanks for coming dear best friends! I'll see you guys again soon ☺☺

I can't live without MUSIC!

MUSIC is a part of me! and I'm glad to have a super talented best friend here in Singapore named Mega Patiung ~ she's awesome.. she can cook (she's definitely gonna be one of the best chef in the future) and yes she's a great musician too!! I love to play with her..

here's a video of us (Me & Mega), we were playing one of my favorite song "Bila Tiba Satu Waktu" no the song is not mine! its BIBUS's :):) check out the original version HERE xx.

and this is our version.. 

~ hope you guys like it ^^

Monday, October 11, 2010

Getting silly with Faya

last weekend one of my best friend came to Singapore to have a short holiday + to visit me! her name is FATHYA~ we spend time together at some romantic spots here in Singapore.. 
hahaha we are so single!! single ladies............

selalu jenaka memang setiap ada Fathya pasti ada keributan!! karena Fathya menginap di tempat saya so then at night we decided to making fun of our self by making a video (no it's not a VLog or something) it's seriously nothing. We made it just for fun (HAHA) no purpose at all..

We've made a few videos before, we just don't have guts to share it to people!! 
but since our close friends are saying that our video is so funny~ I decided to share one of our video here.. this is the latest video of us!! hope you guys like it.. 

I'm proudly present...................... ♥ NARTO PARTO SHOW ♥ 

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I'm a SKYPEr

One of the things I missed the most beside my family is my babies ♥ 
Skyping is the best way to reach them! I miss my best friends so much..
and I have to see their faces in REAL TIME..

Thanks to Skype founder..
you've made overseas communication much easier!!


iHeart SG ♥

TIME GOES BY so fast.....!!!!!!!!
I can't believe~ I've been living in Singapore for about two weeks ^^
let me share a bit of my first 4 days living overseas... 

I entered Singapore on Wednesday (Sept 15), mixed feelings was so exist on that day! I'm excited but sad also to know that I'm going to live alone, all by my self! yeah I'm miles away from my parents, my lil' brother, and all my loved ones. Thank God I can handle my tears at time mommy daddy and my lil' brother waving a goodbye to me. The 1st, the 2nd, the 3rd, and the 4th day feels so not good! I cried a lot because I was homesick......... seriously.......

September 20~ first day of college.. 
HAPPY!! meeting and greeting all my new friends! ada yang dari China, Vietnam, and mostly INDONESIA (hahaha) my class is full of Indonesian (50%) can you imagine that??.......

day by day.. each day gets better! 
I can mingle with all my new friends and also with my 3 flatmates..

My NEW LIFE is GREAT~  thank you God for a wonderful new experience..

- - - - - > here's a glimpse of the new life of mine ☺☺ < - - - - - 

having photo booth fun

AMAZING day with the dolls
a FUN-filled day with my classmates at Siloso beach
at the F1 event with Nadia