Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I can't live without MUSIC!

MUSIC is a part of me! and I'm glad to have a super talented best friend here in Singapore named Mega Patiung ~ she's awesome.. she can cook (she's definitely gonna be one of the best chef in the future) and yes she's a great musician too!! I love to play with her..

here's a video of us (Me & Mega), we were playing one of my favorite song "Bila Tiba Satu Waktu" no the song is not mine! its BIBUS's :):) check out the original version HERE xx.

and this is our version.. 

~ hope you guys like it ^^


  1. Love it. Love it. Love it. Dari hati banget yaaaa :* liriknyaa pas :) and yes, I miss youuu..

  2. LOVE IT! LOVE MEGA AND NATASHA. ecieeeeeeh hahahhahahahaha :*

  3. @ Baby AS: thank you doll! I MISS YOU MORE :(:(:(

    @ Evelyn: hahaha ok deh nci'~ we love you too .x