Wednesday, April 21, 2010


it's been a while since the last time I posted on this blog.. 
and so I'm back to write something in here..
I think this post going to be the most valuable post ever, as you know or you can see I never post something serious or valuable before, I usually only share things that happened in my life or things that I'm working on.. but then this time I will share to you a very inspiring notes that I've got from one of my sist named Ade Fabiola ~
yesterday, she tagged me on of her Facebook notes. I'm not that interest on reading Facebook notes before but this time the notes title catch me and made me curious to know what's inside the notes.. let me share her notes to you all..

"Love is not supposed to be conditional. It shall go past the mind, beyond the heart and into the soul. 
I believe, where there is love, there are always miracles"  - Alexander Abimanyu (RIP) -

This is one of my fav quotes wrote by my belated friend Alex. I quote this on the day he passed away.. that somehow on those days, well, until the moment I wrote this, I’ve been struggle with this phrase… 
“Love is not supposed to be conditional…” 
..Simple line, deep meaning… 

Look back into this friend of mine, Alex Abimanyu, amazing love story. I believe many reasons that lead him to wrote the quote. his love to his beloved wife Dinda Nawangwulan is somehow like too good too be true nowadays. beyond all differences between them and yet inspired many people too…

Why there’s such conditions that really matters when talk about what you feel? 

..somehow I believe that God’s work too upon what we feel inside. indeed love itself is His best gift and creation.. so then, we human determine each of those feelings pure or not. let’s be honest bout our feelings. 
honestly is a virtue, and there’s nothing wrong about that feeling called love… 

So here I am…again, with lots of question marks on my head and butterflies on my belly…determine what I feel towards quite special person right now, beyond all circumstances and conditions may exist….. I think I am honest enough to say that…I might in love with you.. and yea... 
I think you know who you are if you happen to read this note. *blushing*

That short notes has been inspired me!! ^^ and I hope it can inspire you too..
or at least give you some inspiration!! I would like to give a conclusion as the closing of this post (this is actually what I conclude from that notes) ~

show your LOVE to your loved ones before its too late. Let the person feel what you feel of and appreciate what you feel for them. Let the LOVE grow.. 
and feel the most beautiful gift from God, which is LOVE..


  1. cieee lagi jatuh cintrong ya nat^^

  2. hahahaha =)) jatuh cinta setiap hari dong aku...
    cinta Tuhan, cinta Mama Papa, cinta Sahabat2, dll :P