Wednesday, December 23, 2009


hey there! ^^

whoaa I've been running through lots of activities in the last couple weeks. drive me so crazy. no parents at home also (guilty pleasure) :p but Thank God everything running smoothly. happy!! and yeaaayhhh I'm so excited in welcoming 2010. great.............

still don't have any idea what will be going on next year tho'..
off course I'm not a paranormal. but I have a some ideas of what will be goin on with my life next year. dozens of plans are waiting and I'm now busy flipping through those plans. try to decide which one is the best and will be the lucky number one (the one that will be my 1st priority)..

pendidikan tentunya tetap menjadi prioritas utama..
oh ya by the way, talking about education ada kabar gembira ni (drumrolls please)....

sukses lulus di tahun 2009, FYI harusnya aku lulus 2010..
tapi akhirnya akselerasi dalam waktu singkat 2bln stengah mengejar ketinggalan..
dan saya LULUS!!!! yeaayyyyhhh Alhamdullilah Ya Allah..

next step UNIVERSITAS INDONESIA (Hubungan International)..
(ayo semua bilang) AMIN. Ridhoi langkahku Ya Allah...

one more thing (before its too late)...
HAPPY MOTHER's DAY to every mother in the universe...
especially for my mom! thanks for everything mom. you're the queen of my heart.
I love you and I always do! no matter what. because you are my everything...

this is it! this is the end of this post..

HAPPY HOLIDAY friends. have a great one!!!!!

kisses :*

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