Saturday, July 28, 2012

I'm back ☺

The look of this blog has been changed! Yeah~ I heard about the new features of blogger from my dear best friend, Alyssa S. Kepo yang membawa Saya kembali menulis disini :D I had an on again-off again relationship with my own blog! I suffers from mood swings so yeaa you know it's always hard for me to keep my mood stable but I'm a PRO in hiding my real mood #FACT101

I've got some reasons juga sih of why I started to write again. Just in case some misunderstanding happens in the future, melalu blog ini nantinya Saya akan menuliskan klarifikasi dan faktanya. Since Twitter cuma kasih 140 characters -___-" too short kan! yang ada judulnya nanti GAK JELAS in the deep (if you don't get the "in the deep" thingy you'll get it later maybe) 

That's it for now! but I already made a promise to myself to update and write more on this blog since I'm liking the new look so much.. hehe...

Until next time bloggerDolls!



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